How to select Books for IAS Prelim in CSE

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How to select Books for IAS Prelim in CSE


Selecting the Best books for IAS Prelim in similar to choosing the Best Salt from Ocean. This is not the easy about choosing the best Books for UPSC Examinations or IAS Prelims or Mains UPSC Examinations. The answer to the question How to select Books for IAS Prelim in CSE is not one line, it can only be answered with self-experience and learning from others mistakes and achievements.


Overview of IAS UPSC Examinations before purchasing the Books for IAS Prelim

Before selecting the Books for IAS Prelim in UPSC Examinations, You must be aware of the ecosystem of UPSC Examinations.

UPSC Examinations held in 3 Stages which are mainly preferred as

·         Preliminary Examinations (Prelims)

·         Main Examinations (Mains)

·         Interview (Personality Test)

Each and everything which comes in the exam is not from ordinary syllabus but the Special syllabus is redesigned by Civil service Examination Board UPSC which gets updated from time to time.


Books for IAS Prelims and also for other further stages of UPSC Exams

All the Books which are available for UPSC Examinations IAS Prelims or Mains have complete Syllabus contents which can also be used for other Services of UPSC. Books for IAS Prelims or UPSC Prelims are very costly but they are also available on discounted rates on various online stores. Offline Stores also provides discounts but not that much which online retailers provide.


Different types of Books for UPSC


There are many Books which are available in Market for the Preparation of Civil service examinations and other stuff But They have special Books and All the examinations as the Content of the Books and Syllabus are given in various other Books, The books are different for IAS Prelims and IAS Mains, Never Get Confused while selecting books for IAS Prelims

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