Use ‘Scented candle range’ offer from Sky candle on this Eid

Use ‘Scented candle range’ offer from Sky candle on this Eid

           Use ‘Scented candle range’ offer from Sky candle on this Eid

The Islamic world is gearing up for one of the second most important of ‘Eid celebration and on this occasion, releases an exclusive range of unscented candles for our customers. We are giving them in combination with other products- including online lamps, RPC, oil burners and they are ready for sale at our site starting at Rs 229.

This ‘Eid is observed by offering public prayers and sharing gifts and food to family members and close relatives. We are offering a wide array of scented candle range including -votive candles, pillar candles, jar candles, decorative candles, pillar LED candles, that form a perfect gift on this occasion. They are available in multiple colors and once you light them they send a feeling of peace, harmony and happiness among people. These scented candles are quality gift items and with our combination pack, they will become more attractive and enable our customers to purchase them in affordable amounts.

Muslims everywhere in the world celebrate this festival with great spirits. The whole community of Muslim gather in large numbers and take part in public prayers at a mosque and listen to the sermon. They wear new clothes and exchange gifts and foods and donate whatever they can to the poorest. The Qurbani or sacrifice festival observed by them as a respect of prophet Ibrahim sacrificing his own son to Allah. They sacrifice a goat or a sheep as part of the ritual and celebrate the festival by eating together. It is done to restore harmony, peace and happiness among people.

The Hajj is a compulsory pilgrimage trip in the world of Islam. This holy ‘Eid is celebrated at the completion of Haujj and honoring prophet Ibrahim. Devotees undertake arduous trip to mecca and returning from there celebrate this festival.

Enjoy our special range of scented candles with RPC and share them with your near and dear ones in this Eid. They contain fragrance that mesmerizing the whole atmosphere of ‘Eid and make the celebration even more beautiful.


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