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Before you start exploring the career in civil services or any other suitable career for you, the first step is to assess yourself based on your skills, abilities, and interests.

As a candidate when you com­mence preparation for Civil Services Examination, acquaint yourself with the standard of the examination, level of preparedness required and tough competition you are going to face.

Besides, statistics deliver some important clues to understanding the profile of successful candidates and how candidates from different back­ground performed in previous years.

Continuing from where we left in the last issue, we bring some insights about Civil Services Examination 2013 sourced from 65th Annual Report of UPSC.

For quite some time we knew that the changes occurred in Civil Services (Main) Examination are going to change the complexion of Optional Subject results and we discussed the performance of successful candidates opting diverse optional subject.

In Civil Services Examination 2013, maximum candidates appeared with Geography as the optional subject. While among optional subjects opted by more than 100 candidates, candi­dates with Law delivered the highest success-rate.

List of Universities/Institu- turns from where these Suc­cessful Candidates come from

The candidates interviewed for Civil Services Examination 2013 came from 210 universities spread all across the country. Among these credit for a maximum number of candidates interviewed and finally recommen­ded goes to the University of Delhi.

The university / institution from which the candidates have obtained the highest degree has been reckoned.

Academic Background of the Recommended Candidates in, CSE 2013

An important observation in recent years indicates increasing interest of engineers, doctors, and candidates with higher profession! degree getting attracted towards Civ: Services Examination.

Civil Services Examination ha; been identified as the arena where candidates with humanities back­ground reign. But, in the recent year; many Engineers/Doctors and candidates with higher profession! degrees have made their presence be’ and their representation in final selections are on the rise.

An important take away from the data from Civil Services (Main Examination 2010 onwards is that the overall number of humanities back­ground candidates has fallen below 50 per cent.

That is another story that most or they make cross-domain shift b’ leaving their streams by picking optional subjects from humanities Literature of Languages and produc­ing outstanding results.

This trend is clearly visible in the data relating to academic Background of the recommended Candidates in Civil Services Examination 2013 where more than half (50.7%) of them. are from the engineering background.


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