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Happy Republic Day Images 2017 -7
Made 26 January This year 2017 India will celebrate its Day of the Republic 67 and if you are interested to know the history of the Day of the Republic, you are in the right place. So here you will find the latest 26th January Day of the Republic of India Test, 67 Day Test Republic Happy English for Children, Children at School, English Essay for Republic of India Day 2017.
Feast of the Republic in India is celebrated on January 26 each year since 1950 to honor the date when the Constitution of India entered the forece. On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India passed the replacement of the Government of India Act, 1935. This day was declared a national holiday by the Government of India. A big event is organized in the capital of New Delhi [Rajpath] (In Front Of India Gate) in the presence of the President of India. On this day first the President of India welcomes Banner. All states and cities of India celebrate the festival also individually. Every famous Day of the Republic with full enjoyment and own way .. !!!
Our country India becomes independent on August 15, 1947. But nothing but the Government of India Act 1935. law Then on November 4, 1947, a draft by the Committee was presented to the Assembly. After the long wait (about 3 years) Finally, the Constitution was adopted on 26 January 1950 means the Constitution of India entered Forece. OYR then the country of India was declared a sovereign, secular, socialist and democratic republic means that the people of India have the power to govern the country themselves. On this first day of all our President of India hosts the flag and singing the national anthem after the Prime Minister of India honors the soldier Amar Jawan Jyoti.Then award value was given by the President To the Indian soldiers. Never Year Our Country Home Select Guest To This Eventos.
Delhi Parade is the main event of the Day of the Republic Taking place in the Indian Army Before India Gate In The Presence Of India After deploying the flag and singing Indian national anthem Which is just a good shot See.Parade Republic Day in India becomes special because they represent an incredible culture of India …!

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